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Prescription Benefit Management that works for you

ProRx works with plan sponsors and their members in a consultative and pro-active manner to maximize their pharmacy benefits and effectively manage costs associated with the prescription drug portion of their health care benefits plan.

Having the Right Tools will lead to the right solutions

We provide all of the tools needed to help groups achieve their cost and quality of life goals. This provides us the flexibility to tailor programs, systems and plan designs to meet the unique needs of our clients when others clearly can't.

Full Transparency is the only way we operate, always

We believe that a purposeful and transparent approach is essential towards more open and accountable pharmacy management. You'll know exactly what's included in services, pricing and rebates so there are no surprises.

No Need to Settle for Less

We have the ability to go beyond basic benefit design and formulary management to provide a better experience through superior relationships and analytic capabilities.

Optimizing Your Experience

Our goal is to optimize every aspect of your plan going beyond rebates, discounts and trend management and focusing on total cost and continuous improvement.

Customizable Networks

Being a national provider with large pharmacy networks helps deliver more options and better pricing that address and serve the exact needs and goals of our customers.

Compare ProRx Solutions' Unique Approach to Managing Pharmacy Benefits

ProRx Solutions can simply offer you more options than others can. We are fully integrated with mail, specialty, and compounding pharmacies, the nation's leading claims processing platform and all of the core programs and tools needed to service both clients and members. Integration gives us the distinct advantage of being able to make rapid changes. In addition, we can tailor solutions to a client's unique needs, leverage efficiencies that reduce costs, and ensure that members quickly get the medicines they need at prices they can better afford. Regardless of your specific pharmacy benefit management needs or preference, ProRx Solutions has the flexibility to deliver complete solutions that both support and save.

What it really means to offer transparent performance, nimble operations and visible insights

Wouldn't it be great for you to be able to clearly see how your plan is perfoming? We think so. We challenge ourselves and our clients to think differently, which requires going beyond the expected, traditional models. We provide clients the tools to gauge actual performance versus guarantees, measure clinical program efficiency, assess member engagement strategies and design more impactful benefits.

We offer smooth, rapid implementations so as to immediately maximize plan performance and provide the best benefits for your workforce. Ongoing market research and predictive analytics provide new insights and trends on strategies for continuous improvement. From start to finish, ProRx Solutions is there to collaborate with our clients in order to address their existing needs, as well as to inform and prepare for ongoing success within the ever changing landscape of pharmacy benefit management.

Offering a complete set of PBM services

If you are a Self-Funded Employer Group, Third-Party Administrator (TPA) or a Broker, be sure to contact us for additional information.

  • Benefit Plan Design
  • Pharmacy Claims Processing
  • Pharmacy Network Management
  • Member and Provider Helpdesk Services
  • Employer Specific Web Portals
  • Administrative Services
  • Drug Utilization Review
  • Cost Containment Programs
  • Customized Formulary Management
  • Transparent Rebate Administration
  • Client Reporting Services
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